Different Worlds


„A long time ago there was a big scientific discovery where we found out that our world, as we know it, wasn’t the only world to exist. We discovered that different worlds are around us and are inhabited by a beautiful variety of people. With time and increased knowledge, we were able to open portals that allowed everyone to travel between worlds and get to know one another.

Every world has its own distinctive feature and specific characteristics which can be seen reflected in its people. They have their own strengths and possess certain abilities that are connected to the characteristics of their world.“

„Since then, time has passed, scout groups have developed, and life has taken its usual course.

All of a sudden, scout groups across all worlds, start getting the feeling that they need to go on an expedition. They don’t know where this expedition will take them, but they feel compelled to follow the feeling and set off from their world, equipped for what is coming!“